Don El Faro Boutique Hotel & Spa - Villa La Angostura, Neuquén, 8407, Argentina
  • Pesca VLA


Nature worship. For sport fishing lovers, Villa La Angostura has worldwide renowned famous rivers and lakes because of quantity and quality of its fishing. It usually begins late November through May.

Disciplines practiced in the area are Fly Fishing, Spinning, Trolling and Capture and Returns.

  • Brazo Machete


If traveling to Villa La Angotura, these are the recommended branches for sport fishing.
- Machete
- Rincon
- Ultima Esperanza

  • Lago Correntoso Pesca


Correntoso Lake. The northern area is quite populated and this makes Correntoso waters to be pure and unpolluted. Thus, fostering development, quantity and quality of salmonids.

Nahuel Huapi Lake. There are countless favorable places to practice each one of these disciplines. The best fishing boats are located near Villa Langostura, ten motorboat minutes at the most.