Don El Faro Boutique Hotel & Spa - Villa La Angostura, Neuquén, 8407, Argentina
  • Siete Lagos VLA

Seven Lakes

You can explore seven lakes of outstanding beauty and a magical framework to enjoy end to end. It is the perfect place for mountain biking. Route 234 or the Seven Lakes Road joins Villa la Angostura with San Martin de los Andes. Along the 110 km road, you can observe coihues forests, mountains and spectacular lakes. You can drive this road in your car but during winter season transiting is difficult because of the snow.

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Bahia Brava

Recorrer el lago, conocer sus costas y parajes a bordo del “Maria Elena”, una embarcación diseñada y preparada para disfrutar del máximo confort en contacto directo con la majestuosidad del Nahuel Huapi y, así, salir a la búsqueda de experiencias únicas.

  • PN Arrayanas

Arrayanes National Park

It is a pure Myrtle Park, surprising specie in one of the unique forest remaining in the world. Due to its outstanding natural features, and to ensure maximum preservation, avoiding any kind of damage or destruction, it was declared a National Park in 1971.
It is 12 km away from Villa La Angostura and 20 km away from SC de Bariloche across the lake.

  • PN Nahuel Huapi

Nahuel Huapi National Park

It covers 750,000 hectares, out of which 330,000 belong to the National Reserve. It has 155 kilometers long, measured north-south on the Andes in the Argentine-Chilean border, and a maximum width of 75 kilometers.

  • Paseos Barco VLA

Sailing rides

Navigating Nahuel Huapi Lake is one of the most classic tours of Villa la Angostura.

You can also sail along Myrtle Forest, Blest Port, and the International Lakes Crossing with Chile

  • residencia el messidor

Residencia El Messidor

Small French reminiscence castle built in 1942 by architect Alejandro Bustillo. Beautiful gardens surround the building standing on the shores of Nahuel Huapi Lake.

  • Cajon Negro

Cajon Negro

It is a valley formed by the Incayal, Belvedere, Filo Beldevere mounts and Las Piedritas stream. Along the valley you may find a thick vegetation including species such as beeches, ñires and coihues. Crossing small clear water streams and dodging the relief you can hear and see woodpeckers and even the majestic Andean condor on top.

  • Cascadas VLA


Incayal, Rio Bonito, Diana, Santa Ana and Dora. Magnificent waterfalls to discover within the forest. Visiting these uncontaminated mounting spots is an unforgettable experience.