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  • Rafting Villa La Angostura


Rafting is one of the most challenging and exciting water activities you can experience, Patagonian rapids are one of the most chosen places for adventurers who look for adrenaline experiences.



Most of the rivers and lakes of the region are suitable for practicing this activity. Most of the rivers and lakes of the region are suitable for canoeing and kayaking, preferring kayak for rapid rivers and canoe for lake or slow river navigating. It is in winter and spring when there is more water with good currents, though water temperature is very low. In summer and autumn you may find some places lacking water.


Mountain Bike

It is the best way to venture into all circuits that take you to the less explored corners of the range.
Mountain biking eventually became one of the most popular options for tourists coming to this region. Individually or in organized groups, the possibilities are many, for all tastes and all ages.

  • Trekking VLA


Hikers worldwide arrive to these landscapes to experience the adventure of exploring these lands better than anyone. There are no restrictions on age, sex or physical conditions to explore our paths. We define trekking as an activity where the walk is the way you move, sometimes connecting different shelters, including hostels, but always keeping a style where self-sufficiency in terms of equipment and supplies are essential.

  • 4x4 VLA

4x4 Journeys

Knowing these lands with no restrictions, challenging nature’s obstacles to get where no one else has arrived.
You can explore different places within a tourist circuit on a special vehicle, a powerful 4-wheel drive truck, adapted to the characteristics of the area.

  • Cabalgatas VLA

Horseback ridding

One or several days tours. It is the best way to explore every spot in Villa La Angostura. There is a wide range of offers to take; you can arrange full-day adventure tours and excursions along forests and mountains with outdoor camping that can last several days.
You can hire guiding services from experts in the area or consult travel agencies in Villa Langostura organizing these tours